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Information Design

Information design is the way in which information is presented, offering a clear and concise set of instructions for the user. It is about displaying information in an effective way for the user, as an alternative to attractive or artistic methods. Information design is found in many different formats and can display any type of information. Designers and design companies alike can specialise in this area of design such as the company Fathom. As described on their website, “Fathom Information Design helps clients understand and express complex data through information graphics, interactive tools, and software for installations, the web, and mobile devices”. Companies such as Fathom, help clients to effectively express their data or information in an effective way th


Information design can also be displayed in forms of a graphic, appropriately called an infographic. Infographics provide audiences with an engaging piece of material which also informs them about something usually, statistics or information that can be easily broken down and supported with illustration or computer generated graphics. One example can be found at which displays information about mobile phones during 2013. This infographic is quite large and contains a lot of information. As it is on the internet, it can be that big because people will scroll through it. However, if it was print, it wouldn’t work as well.

Another website allows users to create their own infographic and tell their story. An infographic is just the presentation of information in a visually pleasing way and there are no limits on what can be displayed. has a range of infographics for audiences to view.