Definition | Convergence


Convergence is the crossover between content (media), communications networks and computing / information technology. This is also described as convergent media or the three C’s of convergence.

There are many layers to convergence which as describes by Lessig can be defined as the

  • physical layer  |  network through which communication devices are connected to one another
  • code layer  |  code or software that operates communications hardware devices, including protocols, and the
  • content layer  |  content which is delivered through the communications infrastructure.

These ‘layers’ refers to how the internet connects not only devices but also people through communication medias and the software that operates these communications. We are connected through many different facets of the internet and it is how we interact with these in the way they have been intended.

The flow of content is available across many media platforms which include social (interactive medias where user participation is vital such as Facebook, Twitter etc.), search (such as Google), and mobile (which refers to the devices which are currently dominating the world like the iPhone, iPad etc).

There is also a whole culture that has been adopted around convergence, and is appropriately named convergence culture. It is based on media convergenceparticipatory culture (social media) and collective intelligence. These are all combined to create a brand new culture that is associated with the new way in which users are interacting with the internet and new social technologies.




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