Definition | Web 2.0

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is a new way of describing the basic platforms that compile majority of the internet.

It is not a technology, but instead describes a way of architecting software under a set of principles and practices. These principles are defined as an idea of the web as a platform.

The platform encompasses online communities, collaborations, sharing and other user oriented interactive sites. These interactive sites allow the web to be navigated by a large audience in an attempt to connect, share and collaborate with other internet users. This recent spike in user interaction is the reason for the internet’s exponential growth in recent years.

Some examples of online collaboration sites include tumblr, Twitter, Facebook , Instagram and various other blogs or online communities.

Tumblr allows maximum interaction not only with content but also with other people. There are many interactive features such as asking other members question through an ask box, the ability to ‘like’ or reblog content that people have previously submitted. There is also the opportunity to ask other users questions anonymously. The image below shows the various functions that facilitate the interactivity within the site. You can post text, photos or quotes and links. You can also chat, share music clips and add videos.

tumblr interaction

Another interactivity site is Facebook. One of the most common forms of web interaction, Facebook allows you to communicate with anyone. The saying on the home page is “Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life”. As a Web 2.0 platform, a vast majority of the population have Facebook accounts and have created an online communal based interactive site that allows people to connect, share and collaborate with other internet users.

facebook quote

Another form on web interaction are blogs. Blogs allow ordinary to people to share anything on a daily basis. Fashion blogs for example, allow people to share their style, clothes, tips etc to the wider internet community. Those people who follow are able to post comments, and ask questions, like pictures. There are also links to online clothing websites (another online interaction site) allowing people to get that exact, if not similar item of clothing. The use of tags allows users to find similar posts. The image below demonstrates the use of tags, links to other websites, and also similar items of clothing that can be purchased from different stores.




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