Lecture | Week 1

Lecture  |  week 1

This weeks lecture was based on Web 2.0 and convergence. There are many ways that technology has been used over the past years and there has been a spike in mobile technologies such as the iPhone, iPad etc. Much of the emphasis of the lecture was based on convergence, web 2.0 and convergent media. All of which apply to how the media is used by consumers and how it affects the future of design and the internet. Convergence is the crossover between content (media), communications networks and computing / information technology. These are known as the ‘Three C’s of Convergence’. Web 2.0 is a way architecting software and is based on a set of principles and practices.

The internet has grown exponentially as a result of increased user participation and mobile devices. Consumers are able to easily navigate web platforms such as online communities, which make it easier to collaborate and share. This has become the new scaffold for the internet and the audience have become so involved in the design process (when designing for the internet) as a result of the interactive technologies that have surfaced. Currently the web is a ‘flow of content across multiple media platforms’ (lecture notes, wk 1, 2014) such as social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc), search (search engines such as google), and mobile (iPad, iPhone). Web 2.0 and convergence are two major components of the present and future of the internet. 



From this lecture, I learnt what Web 2.0 and convergence mean how they apply and are crucial to interactive design and what they mean for the future of design. The information that resonated with me the most was how Web 2.0 and convergence are affecting design and how, I, as a future designer, must handle these changes and adaptations to the internet. I will not be designing for just one screen or one audience, but for a range of different medias including mobile. As a designer, I must become flexible in all areas to successfully navigate and design for them. My goal in the future is to engage the audience to participate in these new web platforms. Personally, I think this is the most important aspect because it is my future and the future of my work which is being discussed, and without this knowledge, I will not have the capabilities or skills to successfully design for the future internet.


                                     ~ K



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